Welcome to Lowlands and Highlands... This website is mainly dedicated to Scotland and presents a selection of pictures and panoramic views of various and beautiful Scottish lanscapes (Edinburgh, the west coast, the loch Ness...). It contains a map of Scotland and an essay about the Scottish tourism industry too. All this content is the result of the work and passion of Muriel JABOULET REYNAUD, after having spent 10 months in Edinburgh within the framework of the European exchange programme Erasmus. This website is best viewed in 1024x768 ENTER

The Scottish Tourism Industry :
the exploitation of a culture

For a small nation, Scotland holds
a deep fascination for people
in many parts of the world.
Every year thousands of tourists
are drawn to Scotland by the
image of pipers, fairy-tales
castles, Highland games, misty
mountains, tartan and heather.
Scotland intensively exploits
its image to attract visitors, but
many aspects of Scottish culture
are unknown or misjudged.